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Harpreet Singh

About Us

Zoho Financial
As a Financial Service Brokerage and Advisory firm, we take pride in helping Business Owners, High Net Worth Individuals and Families to secure their financial futures, realize their goals & dreams, optimize their wealth and plan their financial future. We are licensed to deal in all life, health and travel insurance products as well as hold licence to advise and sell investment fund products to clients.

Core Values

  1. Care – We care for our clients, their families and our communities. Client First is not a buzzword for us, but we live it every moment.
  2. Trust – Client Confidentiality, treating everyone with Respect, advising with HonestyTransparency and Integrity are our keys to building trust and long-term relationships with our clients. 
  3. Learn – We believe in Financial Education for our clients, our community and especially our children and youth. We are life-long learners ourselves, continuously updating and upgrading our knowledge.
  4. Engage – We always work in collaboration with our clients. We believe in community engagement and playing our part in nation building and stronger communities.

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