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December 16th, 2020

Facts About RESP

(that you may not have known)

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Written by Emily Prum


The majority of people know that if you contribute a minimum of $2,500 to your RESP, you can receive the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) annual maximum of $500. Most people only contribute $2,500 just for the CESG, by doing this you’re not getting the maximum benefit out of your RESP.

Facts to Help Maximize your RESP Benefits

Here are a couple of facts about RESP that you should know to make the most out of your account:

  • The maximum you can receive from the CESG is $7000. You can get a bonus $100 a year when you first start (A-CESG), with this the combined lifetime CESG and A-CESG the maximum can receive is $7200


  • You can make a maximum lifetime contribution of $50,000. If you were to only contribute $2,500 each year when your child is born until your child is 14 (the last year that you would get CESG) then you would only be contributing $35,000.


  • RESP can be used for investments. There are two types of RESP investments
    • Fixed-Income Investments: Cash, short-term bonds, and guaranteed investment certificated that you contribute to your accounts, which pay you through a set interest rate. However, the interest rates are usually low and do not have a high return.
    • Equity Investments: Investing in stocks, and equity mutual funds. Investing in equity can be highly beneficial if the company or corporation you invest in goes up in value. This can give you a higher return, but stocks and funds can fluctuate often.
    • It is important to work with a financial advisor to make sure that you choose the best RESP investments.


  • Taxes: The money put into a RESP and the money grown within the account are not taxed. However, when the money is withdrawn by the student, it is considered to by taxable income.


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